Dance Instruction

4 week Progressional Series and Beginner Special 

Ballroom Level 1, Ballroom Level 2, Ballroom Technique, Salsa/Bachata Level 1, and Salsa/Bachata Level 2

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All Dance Instruction classes offered Online

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are only offering Dance Instruction Group classes online.  We are practicing social distancing and keeping the studio clean and sanitized.  You can get the classes and links! Call, text, or email the studio and tell us what class you are desiring to take.  

We are currently offering Private sessions for Dance Instruction to those who are willing and able to come in! Give us a call to book yours today. 


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Beginner Special

Never learned to dance? Don't know where to start? We have the perfect program for you. 

Our Beginner Special is designed to help teach you the basics of dance, partnership, and fundamentals that you need to move with ease on the dance floor.  Your lesson will be scheduled at your convenience and your instructors convenience. 


Two 25 minute or One 50 minute one on one lesson

Call, text, or email us to book your session today! 

You can also purchase the BEGINNER SPECIAL package online. 

Ballroom Level 1 or 2 Group Series 

Want to learn all the dances like they do on "Dancing with the Stars"? You will love this class. Our 4 week series will focus on two dances and progressively move through the elements within the dance. Learn dances like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, East Coast Swing: All American Style Dances to learn to dance socially.

See calendar for details to know what dances we will work on.

 Join today to get ready for our Monthly Ballroom Dance.

Please contact us if you have experience and want to go to Level 2.

4 weeks for $40 or 5 weeks for $50 (if month allows): per person 

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Salsa/Bachata Level 1 or 2 Group Series 

Come and enjoy the basics and beyond of Salsa and Bachata. We will be progressing through patterns through the entire month learning musicality, partnering, and floor craft. Level 2 prerequisite is passing Level 1. 

Check out our calendar for days/times for signing up.

4 weeks for $40 or 5 weeks for $50 (if month allows): per person

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Ballroom Technique 

Need some extra help to hone in on the skills that you already know or need an extra push in your dancing? This is the class for you.

Ballroom Technique focuses on everything from the start. Elements, Patterns, Actions, and Partnership. We will uncover many layers of each of these segments and help you gain more understanding to help your dancing grow.

We will be focusing mainly on American Style Smooth and Rhythm. All levels welcome!

Progressive series- starts at the beginning of the month and progresses from each week.

4 weeks for $40 or 5 weeks for $50 if month allows  

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New Dance Instructional Program Policy

In order to make our Dance Instructional Program better than ever, we are requiring that all students sign up online or in person 24 hours before the class day/time. Each instructional class meets for 4 or 5 weeks depending on the month. The first class will be the first week of the month.

If a class does not have at least 7-8 students signed up, the class may be postponed until the next session. We will send our a notification if you signed up for the class and there are not enough registrants enrolled.

Classes that will be affected are:

Ballroom Level 1 - every Tuesday at 6pm (Must sign up before 1st Monday of the month online or in person)

Ballroom Level 2 - every Tuesday at 7pm (Must sign up before 1st Monday of the month online or in person)

Salsa/Bachata Level 1 - every Wednesday at 6pm (Must sign up before 1st Tuesday of the month online or in person)

Salsa/Bachata Level 2 - every Thursday at 7pm (Must sign up before 1st Wednesday of the month online or in person)

We are eager to teach everyone to dance at SdeB. This policy will help ensure that the classes are healthy and active. This will take affect starting for our May classes.