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Ballroom Fit Dance Workout
Studio of Dance Savannah Pooler Hilton Head Bluffton

Dance Instruction

1 Month Series 

Ballroom Basics and Beyond/Salsa and Bachata Basics and Beyond

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Beginner Special

Never learned to dance? Don't know where to start? We have the perfect program for you. 

Our Beginner Special is designed to help teach you the basics of dance, partnership, and fundamentals that you need to move with ease on the dance floor.  Your lesson will be scheduled at your convenience and your instructors convenience. 


Two 50 minute one on one lessons

$70 for singles 

$80 for couples

Call, text, or email us to book your session today! 

You can also purchase the BEGINNER SPECIAL

package online. 


Ballroom Basics and Beyond

Want to learn all the dances like they do on "Dancing with the Stars"? You will love this class. Our 4 week series will focus on two dances and progressively move through the elements within the dance. Learn dances like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Merengue, Country Two Step, Night Club Two Step, Hustle, and West Coast Swing. 

 Tuesdays at 7pm

September 2021: Foxtrot and Swing

October 2021: Hustle and Merengue

November 2021: Country Two Step and Night Club Two Step

December 2021: Bolero and West Coast Swing

January 2022: Waltz and Cha Cha

February 2022: Tango and Rumba

March 2022: Foxtrot and Swing

April 2022: Hustle and Merengue

May 2022: Country Two Step and Night Club Two Step

June 2022: Bolero and West Coast Swing

July 2022: Waltz and Cha Cha

August 2022: Tango and Rumba

September 2022: Foxtrot and Swing

October 2022: Hustle and Merengue

November 2022: Country Two Step and Night Club Two Step

December 2022: Bolero and West Coast Swing

The cycle will repeat with this list of dances in order in the future months. We will only update the calendar 2 years in advance. 

1 month of class for $50.00 per person 

Please call to register. Registration will begin before the Month starts. 


Sign Up 

Salsa/Bachata Basics and Beyond

Come and enjoy the basics and beyond of Salsa and Bachata. We will be progressing through patterns through the entire month learning basics and beyond the basics with partnership, shines, and footwork. 

Thursdays at 7pm

Entire month: $50.00 per person 

Call to register. Registration will begin before the Month starts.


Sign Up

New Dance Instructional Program Policy

In order to make our Dance Instructional Program is better than ever, we are requiring that all students sign up online or in person 24 hours before the class day/time. Each instructional class meets for 4 or 5 weeks depending on the month. The first class will be the first week of the month. If you can not sign up with in the designated time, no problem! Just call, text, or email us to get started.  If you have experience and want to show up, please allow us 5-10 minutes before the designated class time to help you with your needs.  

If a class does not have at least 3 students signed up, the class may be postponed until the next session. We will send our a notification if you signed up for the class and there are not enough registrants enrolled.

Please register for all dance instructional classes before the 1st week of the month of the class.  

We are eager to teach everyone to dance at SdeB. This policy will help ensure that the classes are healthy, active, and to contact the instructor of specific needs.  

**If you have been tested COVID positive or been around someone who has been diagnosed with COVID and tested positive, we will need a doctors note for a refund prior to your 1st class.**