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Dance Fitness at Salon de Baile Dance & Fitness Studio

Dance Fitness at Salon de Baile Dance & Fitness Studio Pooler, GA.jpg

Always wanted to lose weight and have a blast while doing it? 

Try one or all of our DANCE FITNESS classes. We offer a style that can suit your weight loss and dancing needs. Need to tone? How about lose those extra pounds? Want to be more flexible? YES! 

We can help you with all of your fitness needs. 

Check out our calendar and go register for one today.

No partner or experience necessary.

Drop in for $20 with no commitment! 

See our great package deals below to mix and patch classes to attend. 


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Turn Up Dance Fitness

Turn Up Dance Fitness is a HIIT-inspired dance fitness format that will unleash your inner greatness, encouraging you to evolve unapologetically, live loudly, and dance ruthlessly! We purposely break the rules of standard workouts to give you something new, fun and effective.

Bring fitness clothes, tennis shoes, and water to join!

Ages 15+ (Mondays at 6pm)



Ballroom-Fit  ​TM

Always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance? Don't have a partner? Want to get in shape and have fun in the process? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you! Learn how to ballroom dance and get a great workout in the process. We use all styles of music that are modern or traditional. We are using the DANCE VISION syllabus to create our program. Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Salsa, Samba, Jive, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Two Step, West Coast Swing, Bachata and more! Please check out our calendar for Low or High Impact classes/for days and times to join us! 

Ages 8+ (Wednesdays at 6pm)


TwerkFit 16+

Love to listen to hip hop and want a great workout at the same time? Well, this class will get you moving and sweating learning how to "TWERK." Darrell has designed this to be fun and a great way to experience how Hip Hop has evolved.  The class will only be open for ages 16+

 (Workshop only)- see calendar for dates.


Ballet Fitness

Join us for our NEWEST Dance Fitness class- Ballet Fitness! 

Learn the basics and beyond of Ballet while getting a great workout.  No experience or partner required for this class.  

Dance Fitness package approved. Wear workout clothes, ballet slipper/barefoot and bring water.  (Ages 6 and up can join)




Stretching and Sound Healing

Stretching and Sound Healing is a dance fitness class designed to help increase your flexibility and range of motion for any style of dance you are interested in. Dancers, Cheerleaders, Gymnasts or anyone who wants to join to gain more flexibility, range of motion or just FEEL BETTER is welcome to JOIN! The class is created for YOU!


What is sound healing? 

  • Reduces inflamation in the body, decreases migraines and helps with pain managment.

  • Regulates the nervous system.

  • Activates bilateral brain stimulation and mimics EMDR techniques to release trauma stored in the body.

  • Quiets rapid and disorganized thought patterns.

  • Provides clarity, answers, and insight to your deep most inner world.

Ages 12+ (Mondays at 7pm)




Latin Cardio

Join us every week for a great workout with Latin Cardio! This class is designed to teach you all of your favorite Latin dances while working out.  You will learn: Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Merengue, and Paso Doble! 

(Fridays at 6pm)

Hip Hop 

Join us every week for a for a great Hip Hop class that teaches musicality, hip hop dance elements, break-dancing all while having fun. Ages 12+

(Saturdays at 3pm)

Dirtylicicous Dance Fitness 16+

What is dirtylicious?
Dirtylicious is a beginner dance fitness class in a fun environment, where you can find your community and feel confidence through dance. Bring workout clothes, tennis shoes, water and your friends to join us!
(no experience required to join)

Fridays at 7pm-starting October 2023

Ballet Fitness SdeBDanceStudio Pooler, G
sound bath and stretching (1).jpg
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Dance Fitness Packages: 
Mix and Match
Turn UP, Stretching for Dance, Ballroom Fit, Latin Cardio, Hip Hop and Dirtylicious! 

Dance Fitness at Salon de Baile Dance & Fitness Studio Pooler, GA.jpg

4 classes: $45.00

10 classes: $85.00 

Unlimited Pass: $155.00 

Drop in: $20.00

Workshop: $25.00 *Hour and a half of Dance Fitness*

All packages have a 4 week expiration when you attend your first class. 


SEE MindBody APP to sign up or call/email/text us to get started. 

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