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Dance & Fitness is for everyone. What will yours be?

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Dancing is becoming a HUGE phenomenon with the hit shows "Dancing with the Stars" and "So you think you can dance" and recently with "America's Got Talent." Dancing is a great way to stay in shape, make friends, and mark that special day! Our goal is to turn dancing into a lifetime sport for you! All of our instructors teach social, competitive, and entertainers.

Our dance school currently teaches couples, kids, and singles from all experience levels. Our dance studio is versatile and teaches a wide range of dances. Ballroom dancing, Tap, Hip/Hop, Salsa/Bachata Classes, Dance/Fitness Classes, Argentine tango, Country Two Step,

Wedding dances, and Swing are all of our dances we offer.

We will have something for you.

If you are getting ready for a special occasion, let us handle the stresses of getting a dance together for you! Planning an event and need entertainment? Give us a call to teach and/or entertain your event with the best dancing styles out there!

A message from our Founder/Lead Instructor

Greetings Dancers: UPDATED September 2020

As most of you know, our Governor has lifted the orders to close certain businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel as if things do need to get back to some sort of normalcy. With taking major precautions to keep our studio clean, disinfected, and practice social distancing, we have decided to open the studio up with strict regulations.
We will host DANCE FITNESS and DANCE INSTRUCTIONAL Level 1 group classes in our facility with a limit of 15 people. If you do not feel comfortable coming into class, we definitely understand.  If you do not feel comfortable, we definitely understand and will keep your packages and lessons on file with no expiration. DANCE INSTRUCTIONAL level 1 Group classes will only be offered starting in August 2020.  If you desire to attend, please go register as soon as possible.  We are only allowing 15 students in each class.  We will not be rotating partners, social distancing and using precautions for sanitary measures.  We will ask all students to wash hands before and after class. Face masks are recommended for Dance Instructional classes. 

We are partnering with USA Dance and hosting a monthly Dance Party.  Face Masks will be required.  Please check out our Dance Party tab or calendar for more information.  Register online, limited spaces. 

**If you feel comfortable coming in, please refer to the following regulations**
1. If you have been sick or been around anyone who has been sick, please stay home. We will not be allowing you to visit in person, but would love for you to participate online.
2. We are not requiring you to wear gloves and a mask when coming to class, however, If it makes your more comfortable, please protect yourself in any means that you seem fit.
3.We will be practicing social distancing and will require everyone to stay within the designated area marked on our floors to stay 6 feet from each other.
4. We will require clients to wash their hands before and after class(es).

We, at SdeB, do understand that things will take time to get back to a normal routine. We want to keep offering opportunities for you to dance in a safe and healthy way until our world gets back to a healthy state. We will be staying close to the phone and monitoring emails to help you in any way so that we can get back to dancing!
Like always, please stay safe -- wash your hands, practice social distancing and we will hopefully see you on the dance floor.

Rachael Moore
Founder/Lead Instructor/Fitness Professional

History of Dance with Salon de Baile Dance & Fitness Studio

Click below to watch the very first Virtual Showcase from our studio.  The link will be available until November 25th at 12pm.  


History of Dance 

The History of Ballroom Dancing

We are excited to share and educate you the love of dance that we share with our students everyday.  We have compiled all 28 dances into a movie educating our audience on the origins of dance, music, and how it has evolved to what it is celebrated today! We hope you enjoy all of the hard work and dedication that our Team has constructed for you.  


Videographer/Creative Direction: Shaunii Rawls with Rawls Digital

Director/Lead Instructor: Rachael Moore

Dancers: Salon de Baile Dance & Fitness Studio Staff and Students

Master of Ceremonies: Steve Adair 

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The best thing about #SdeB is the people. From the owner and instructors to everyone in the classes, it is such a supportive environment and filled with fun and life!

The ballroom fit classes are a great way to have fun and get in a workout without the dread of "working out". And you get to learn some real ballroom dance steps while you are at it!!!



We are so very happy we selected this studio for our first dance choreography. What a great, comfortable experience for a couple that had no prior history of dance. We are so appreciative to Rachel for her patience and attention. Highly recommend!

The Butlers

Satisfied Wedding Client

Best dance studio hands down in Savannah. You will to learn to dance and be a better person for it! Regardless what dance you want to learn, the lesson, instructors are the very best on every level!. So get over your shyness, or whatever reason you have put it off and come join us and dance! 


Social Dancer 

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