First Competition of 2013- All placements!
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First Competition of 2013- All placements!

Savannah Dance Festival 2013
We are so excited to announce that we represented SAVANNAH with style and grace on the dance floor on Saturday January 26th, 2013.  Our students placed in every category entered! Check out a few!

Our Jr. competitor, Christina Lordnum, tore up the floor with her American Smooth, American Rhythm, and Solo that day! Christina placed 1st in all categories and 3rd in her solo.  Christina's instructor is Professional dancer Joseh Marion.

Gina Magharious owned the dance floor that day! She brought home all 1st places!! Only dancing 1 year now, she has really turned the judges heads with her dancing.  Go Gina! We are very proud of you!
Gina dances with her instructor, Professional dancer, Sorin Obreja. 

Cat Yeager broke out of retirement with not one, but two new instructors to dance with! She placed 1st and 2nd places in all categories of American Smooth and American Rhythm.  With time passed, Mrs. Cat still has it!
Cat danced American Smooth with Professional dancer, Sorin Obreja and American Rhythm with Professional dancer, Joseh Marion. 

Kim Morris danced in American Rhythm for several categories placing 1st in all and even placing 2nd in the Scholarship round! Her solo was so fun with the frisky Cha Cha that her instructor, Joseh Marion choreographed!

The brother/sister team definitely dominated the floor with their American Smooth and American Rhythm categories! Placing all 1st places with each other and their Professional instructor, Rachael Moore. Introducing Daniel and Lisel Speal! (FYI: their parents met dancing! Where do you think they get it from??)

Amateur couple, Chuck and Kelly Edgington, really made us proud with their American Rhythm heats.  They competed in Cha Cha, Rumba, and Swing! The couple has only been dancing for less than a year and placed in everything! We are so proud to have them.  Their Professional instructor is Rachael Moore.

John Odom, retired dancer, blew out of retirement with his Professional instructor, Rachael Moore at the SDF.  John danced all American Style dances and placed in everything! John placed 2nd in his solo by three tenths of point! Wow, so close! We are so proud of John.  Doctor by day, dancer by night!

Not pictured is the infamous Matthew Buckingham with his Professional Instructor, Rachael Moore.  Matthew ran from the camera for after winning 1st place in all divisions including his multi-dance in American Smooth! We are extremely proud of Matt and all of his hard work and efforts.  GO MATT!

Again, all of our students and instructors had a fantastic time at our first competition of the season! Be on the lookout for the next one!

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