Salón de Baile Ballroom Dance Studio - September Fitness Challenge
Salón de Baile Ballroom Dance Studio - "Dance as if no one is watching"
Welcome to our September Challenge 

September 1st- September 30th 

Details for our challenge are listed in a table below: 

You have two categories to choose for your measurement.  You can either use WEIGHT LOSS or INCHES LOST as your measurement tools.  

Weight loss will be measured with a scale.  You will take photo before 30 days on September 1st before your workout and on September 30th after your last workout.  

Inches lost will be measured with a tape measure.  You will measure your midsection. (across your naval- using measuring tape all the way around your stomach/back) 

RULES and Regulations:
  • You must attend 3 Dance Fitness Classes per week at SdeB. - Instructor must initial that you completed that class. 
  • You must record 5 Workouts per week (1 hour minimum for each)- Have a witness initial that you completed it. 
  • You may choose a challenge that you have not done.  If you have completed a challenge and succeeded, you may NOT be eligible for that challenge again.  You must move to the next challenge.  (For example, you won the Bronze challenge last time, you must move to the silver challenge and choose your measurement form to complete.) 
  • You must keep a record, calendar, or journal of your progress. 
  • You must submit a before Weight Loss/Inches Loss and after Weight Loss/Inches Loss-- emailed to the studio.  Before: September 1st before your first workout.  After: September 30th after last workout. Emailed-

 Weight Loss
 Inches Loss
Bronze Challenge
   3 Pounds 
  .5 Inches
Silver Challenge
 5 Pounds
 1 Inch
Gold Challenge 
 10 Pounds 
  2.0 Inches 

You will win a FREE month of Ballroom Fit Group Classes and FREE admittance to our Champions Seminar that will announced at a later date. Overall winner will win FREE SdeB Goodies.  

Ready to sign up? 

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